Makes you keep the faith:

Over the last few years many people have approached me about the decision to pursue what they love as a full-time career, and all the fears and questions associated with this. It has become such a powerful subject for me that I have put together a short guide of ten things that are invaluable for those people who have apassion and a want for more in their life. Courage is more than half the battle! Why make the break from a regular income, free benefits, job security? Because our lives are too rich and we are too powerful to have anything less than we truly deserve...

...to do what we love everyday.

...to become our most authentic powerful selves.
...to share our passion with the rest of the world.
...to live up to the spirit in us. (and not squelch it!)

"Every day the choice is presented to us, to live up to the spirit that is in us, or deny it." - Henry Miller

ten steps by Keri smith:

1. believe that you can

2. Research

3. pretend...you already are what you want to be.

4. ignore

5. prioritize

6. ask for what you want

7. feel the fear and do it anyway

8. reinvent yourself

9. begin now

10. let go

If after this you are still not convinced that the world is made of words and that you are the only one responsible for your everyday life, than there is nothing more for me to say.

After all, all that matters is that I do believe, I am ready for more, and I continue the fight.

"You have nothing to loose... the universe is waiting"

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